Old City Jerusalem
Top 10 Attractions
Every Tourist Shouldn't Miss!

My Top 10 Attractions You Shouldn't Miss at the Old City Jerusalem

  1. The Western Wall: For me, personally, the Western Wall is the most powerful, moving place in Jerusalem. It is the only remnant of the ancient Jerusalem temple and thus it is always full with people praying by the wall. An interesting custom is to write a small note and stick it between the wall's stones. People believe (including me...) that God reads those prayers... It's worth trying at least, right?

  2. old city jerusalem temple mount

  3. The Temple Mount: this site includes sites that are holy to all three religions. Except for the Western Wall it includes the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, the temple mount tunnels and Solomon's Stables. This is the heart of the old city of Jerusalem. Plan to spend at least half a day here, and take into account that during the peak season, there are many tourists and it may get a bit crowded.

  4. old city jerusalem church of the holy sepulchrr

  5. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher: This church is, located in the Christian quarter of the old city is where Jesus is believed to been buried. It also includes the place where Jesus was crucified (the Golgoltha). The church itself is beautiful, has a special magical atmosphere in it. Many Christians visit the church and it is busy year-round. It is a special experience for people of other religions too (myself included!).

  6. old city jerusalem tower of david museum

  7. The Tower of David Museum: This museum is so cool. It is named after "The Tower of David" which is located within the garden of the museum. The main part of the museum is an outside archeological garden where you can visit archeological findings and walk around part of the old city wall. The entrance to this museum is from Jaffa gate.

  8. old city jerusalem muslim quarter market

  9. The Market at the Muslim Quarter: This market is really cool and is actually a great place to purchase some relatively cheap souvenirs of Jerusalem. The narrow streets, the little shops and the charming and authentic merchandise make this market one of the best attractions at the old city. Enter from Jaffa gate - you'll see it right away.
  10. old city jerusalem muslim quarter market

  11. Visit the Jerusalem Wall: You can actually walk on top of the Jerusalem Wall ! for $4, Tayelet HaChomot will allow you to walk along on of the most famous walls in the world. There are several routes, but the easiest one begins at the Jaffa gate. There is a staircase right when you enter the gate. That's where the route begins.
  12. old city jerusalem city of david

  13. The City of David: The city of David is where the original city of King David was situated. It features remnants of what is believed to be King David's palace and other fascinating archeological findings. While visiting the City of David, you can also hike through Tzidkiyahu's Tunnel - a 20 minute walk in a hand carved (!!!) tunnel underground. It's an amazing experience! You should take a cab to this location in the old city.
  14. old city jerusalem the burnt house

  15. The Burnt House: I first visited the burnt house with my class, years ago (I was in 10th grade, I think). It is a house that was set on fire by the Romans during the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE. The house even contains remains of human bones of those who were in the house when it was burnt....
  16. old city jerusalem the cardo

  17. The Cardo: The cardo, which is located in the old city Jerusalem Jewish quarter, was part of a ancient Roman street in the city of Jerusalem. The cardo was the main street in Jerusalem which was ruled by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

  18. old city jerusalem western wall tunnels

  19. The Western Wall Tunnels:
  20. One of the most interesting and fun things to do in old city Jerusalem is to visit the Western Wall tunnels. They actually run under the western wall to north west side of the temple mount. Along the way you will encounter remains from the second temple period.

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