Jerusalem Webcam
The Best High-Quality Webcams

Looking for a good Jerusalem webcam for your pre-Israel travel experience?

Check out the best webcam in Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Wailing Wall - the most exciting webcam in Israel!

Even me - I live here and still I love looking at these webcams. Because it's always exciting to see what's going on in the city, especially around the Western Wall....

The Best Jerusalem Webcam!

There are many webcams throughout the city of Jerusalem. But only a few a really good. While many present either blurry images or images of places in Jerusalem that are not that interesting, the three Jerusalem webcams below will give you a great feel of the city!

  1. A webcam of the Wailing Wall. This webcam is perhaps the best one in Jerusalem (and the best of Israel webcams), with a moving, inspiring image of the Western Wall (aka the Wailing Wall).
  2. A Webcam to the Old City Walls: There is NOTHING like the view of the Jerusalem old city walls. The view is magnificent, enchanting and absolutely magical. This webcam will give you a current view of the walls and the old city of Jerusalem (although a bit from far away, it gives a nice panoramic view).
  3. A webcam to Downtown Jerusalem: This webcam is one of a kind, it is situated on the roof of one of the famous buildings in Jerusalem (the Clal building) and provides a nice view of the downtown area of Jerusalem, including the well-known King George street.

Use these cool webcams to get a sense of the city, before you get here. You will definitely visit these three locations - the old city and the magnificent walls, the Western Wall (which is the most sacred place for Jews) and of course, the downtown of Jerusalem where you can shop, eat, drink good coffee and just hang out and enjoy the great atmosphere.

Can you too feel how special Jerusalem is? It's my favorite place on earth! :-)