Jerusalem Weather

It's Amazing!

The Jerusalem weather is absolutely amazing!

Weather in Jerusalem, Israel is so good because the city is situated on top 700+ meters mountains. Weather in Jerusalem is, by far, the best of all Israel weather and will make your Israel travel experience a wonderful one!

I remember those hot summers when I was traveling in Manhattan, or in Sydney (Australia) - when the weather is hot, you simply can't enjoy yourself. But in Jerusalem you will have a blast!

In fact, locals always says that it has the best weather in Israel. It so true!

Current Jerusalem Israel Weather and Forecast

Planning a trip soon? Check out the weather forecast in Jerusalem:

When is the Best Time to Travel to Jerusalem? (Weather-Wise Of Course!)

Jerusalem is lovely in summer time (April-October) and in Winter time (November-March) it can get cold, but not like in the U.S. or in Europe. In the summer you will enjoy warm, yet dry summers (much better than the humidity of Tel Aviv!) and in the winter you will need to wear your good coat and gloves (it rains but hardly snows) but you will enjoy crisp, amazing air - Jerusalem air!

Jerusalem climate is varied (see weather averages in Jerusalem below):

January:: 9C (48F)
February: 9C (48F)
March: 12C (53F)
April: 17C (63F)
May: 20C (69F)
June: 22C (73F)
July: 29C (84F)
August: 30C (85F)
September: 28C (82F)
October: 21C (70F)
November: 15C (60F)
December: 11C (52F)

But be sure to check the weather before you go. Sometimes Jerusalem nights can be chilly even in the summer, and winter can sometimes be very comfortable!

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