The Ultimate Jerusalem & Israel Travel Guide

The following quote describes MY hometown Jerusalem best:

"Of the 10 Portions of Beauty that Came Down to the World, 9 Went to Jerusalem and 1 to the Rest of the World" (Talmud Bavli)

My city, together with all the other Israel travel destinations, make together the most amazing place on earth. Believe me - I live here!

I am the 9th Generation in Jerusalem!

Join me while I reveal the secrets to the best historic landmarks, modern cities, my favorite beautiful beaches, amazing year-round Mediterranean warm weather, fun tourist attractions, best Jerusalem hotels, excellent local and international restaurants – all of which will make your vacation in Israel the most exciting, fun and unique experience!

If you are planning a vacation in our area, including in Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Haifa, Eilat, or the Galilee, my insider's travel guide will offer you lots of insider secrets and unique Tourist Information so you can travel in Israel and enjoy every second of it!

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, and I am the proud 9th generation of my family to live in this city. I spent all of my life here, and of course, I have traveled all over Israel. I love this place. Not only is it my home, it inspires me and amazes me every day. This is why I focus most of my guide on my city (it's my favorite of all :)

I am honored to have the privilege to write a travel guide to my favorite place on earth!

When my relatives travel to Israel from the United States, I act as a local tourist destination guide and travel with them to all the beautiful cities and best places, spots and attractions in Israel and show them how Israel is the optimal combination of history and modernity.

I put together this travel information guide from my own experiences and knowledge, picking out my favorite hotels, restaurants, activities and places to visit, to help you plan an amazing experience and make the most out of your vacation. I myself have traveled all over the world, so I know which information travelers are looking for :)

Think about how amazing it would be to walk around where our ancestors walked thousands of years ago! Stand above the remains of King David’s palace, follow the paths of Jesus, and try to imagine what it was like back then.

At my city you will visit the historic old city, and go sightseeing at its amazing churches and quarters; You'll eat lunch on a veranda facing the world-famous King David’s tower; visit the famous newly renovated Israel Museum; and shop in the city’s beautiful mall or in the city center’s shopping district. You will stay at amazing hotels there, with views that you have never seen before!

In Tel Aviv you will relax at its many clean, friendly beaches; visit the “White City” buildings and trail; dine in world-class restaurants; bike around its charming streets; and party in amazing clubs and bars. It is by far, the most fun city I’ve ever been in!

The amazing thing about Israel is that since it is a small country, all the favorite tourist destinations and spots, are all relatively close to each other. If you don’t rent a car, the public transportation (buses and trains) will practically take you everywhere.

This insider’s guide reveals my best secrets - all the tips, information and travel advice only an insider could know after learning for years what are the best places to visit, best hotels (both budget and luxury), best delicious restaurants, best routes to take, opening hours, coolest attractions, the most amazing places to shop, and more.

My insider's Jerusalem and Israel Travel Guide will give you all the travel tips you need to have an amazing, fun and exciting vacation!